Small to Mid-Size Systems

A Business Phone system doesn’t have to be complex to be powerful.

Smaller Businesses want and often need a simple communication system. You also need a simple, reliable approach to select, purchase, install, and service that equipment—no matter where your business is heading.

Standardising how your business communicates makes perfect sense, we just give you much better choices to do it.

Command Business provides excellent options for phone systems, mix IP, Digital and Analogue endpoints confidently, then select options for IP telephony, which features, which applications and then decide on either traditional or IP telephony circuits.

You need all this to be simple, and at the right price.

Business Phone Systems offer several key advantages, you choose:

  • Handset Types
  • Number of lines, extensions and features
  • IP or Traditional telephony lines
  • Work confidently with a provider with experience, knowledge and commitment.
  • Easyto useand manage
  • After that, Its all about the Pricing

Medium Class Enterprise Systems offer additional key advantages:

Built to make it much easier and more affordable tomaximise performance. Work as one team, and extend your company reach, no matter where they are located.

  • Unveiled technology built on previous reputation
  • All-in-one IP phone Systems delivering unmatched innovation
  • Reliability and Scalability
  • IP gateways combining PBX functionality
  • Capabilities for customisation and mobility
  • Powerful applications, UC desktop, Follow me,
  • Trusted technology
  • Solves Intelligent Call handling problems

Features enhance Business operations:

  • Easy to Use
  • Increased contact points
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Optimise operations
  • Efficient Call Handling- Faster, Smarter,Successful
  • System Features
  • Phone Features
  • Voice Mail Features
  • Mobility Features

The Bottom Line on an Enterprise System: Command Business

It’s simple – we know Phone Systems

You need a simple, reliable approach to select, purchase, install, and service that equipment. We have been doing Phones at Command for over 22 Years.

Local and National standardisation, with reliable service and excellent technical support.

Compare leading suppliers equipment, ensuring you find the right system for you situation.


Command Business - Small phones with more features

Every type of business needs the communication systems for easy interaction with the internal employees and
they generally look for a simple and reliable system having more features. Also, a company looks for the system

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can easily be purchased and installed. These systems are installed in the companies in order to minimize the
communication gap among the employees.

To provide a perfect standard to a business, it is necessary that the communication system should make the
perfect sense. To choose the best system, you will also get the numerous choices.

Command business offers fabulous options to its customers by providing phone systems like analogue and digital
endpoints system, after that select the options of telephony and at last you can choose from the IP telephonic and
traditional circuits.

No matter where your small business is located, the best telephone systems help the employees to do better
discussion without any disturbance which directly enhance the business to great extent.

Here are some features that will directly help to enhance the business operations:

  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • Advance features of Mobility.
  • Voice Mailing Features.
  • Smarter, Faster and successful call handling features.
  • Easy to use.
  • All the necessary features of Phones.
  • Features available in a system for better communication.
  • Optimize operations.

Some additional features are:
  • Command business provides trusted technology.
  • Powerful applications with UC desktop
  • Easily solve the call handling problems by its own.
  • All in one features of IP systems that deliver unique innovations.
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