Hosted Solutions

The high-performance Hosted PBX option may be a better solution for many SMBs.
Smaller Businesses want and often need a flexible competitive advantage, delivered with fewer resources than their counterparts.

A Command Business Hosted or Managed Voice service, the phone system functionality is hosted on the providers network and accessible from any business location.

Streamlining your out dated PBX with a Hosted phone system makes perfect sense.

Compared to traditional phone service, Hosted Voice offers SMB the following key benefits:
Lower Up Front Costs
Minimal equipment Investment
No hardware capacity limit, expand or contract easily.
Virtual M/A/C
Moves/adds/changes can be made instantly upon request or via a web portal, no rewiring needed.
Shared Resources and Free call between Locations
Consolidate staff, improve efficiencies and eliminate intra-company costs.
Simplified Teleworker integration
Plug a pre-configured phone into any broadband connection.
One Phone Bill for All locations
Consolidate service delivery, Slash ongoing Line rental and Call rates.
One Number
Migrate all Line Numbers to a Single connection, improve contactability with Call Forwarding and advanced features.
The Bottom Line On Hosted Voice: Choose Command Business

Powerful features, flexibility and costs savings. With Command Business you will find an experienced partner who will help you transition successfully and gain a customised solution that will deliver maximum benefits from Hosted PBX.

Data Cabling – Command Business

Command business communication provides private branch exchange (PBX) systems that can easily be installed and managed. These systems are usually used for small and medium size of business organizations where the employees can easily handle phone calls, conferences, contacts etc, anytime from anywhere. Generally the business enterprises look for the services that are quite simple and can be directed easily. The power of the connection which a company requires is totally dependent on the need and the requirements of the departments. This need can be easily fulfilled just by combining various factors namely, unified communication, voice, web with the combination of all latest collaboration and powers, which is essential to run a business in a cost effective manner.

Our company is a data cabling and voice company that offer a large variety of products from reputed brand PBX telephone systems as well as the VOIP based system. We offer these products at very affordable prices. We take full initiative and feel pride for the facilities we provide to our customers of phone line cabling. Our main motive is customer satisfaction via high quality equipments, workmanship which will help you in running a better communication process.

As recommended by the experts, the best business phone system, which is now a day in use with VOIP is IP telephony and Internet telephony.

Remote Extension.
Traditional/ VOIP hybrid.
Expandable and Flexible.
Proper Installation.
Low cost Ownership facility.
If you want to provide a standard to your business, then you need a better communication which should not be interruptive. Not only this, you will also get various options to choose a best system to run your business.